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Vtuber guide: Learn How You Can Build Brand Loyalty With the Most Passionate Audiences.

The Vtuber community is one of the most marketing-friendly and actively engaged on the internet. Discover how to do the most with virtual creators.

Welcome to the Vtuber Marketing Guide!

The Vtuber Movement is here to stay!

This new method of livestreaming has grown massively in the last few years, growing by over 500% since October of 2017.

But this phenomenon can be quite different compared to other online creators.
How does this anime character attract such a large audience?

You’ll learn all of the important aspects of vlogging with our Vtuber guide for influencer marketing.

Table of Contents

Among some of the information that you will learn in this guide:

  • What are Vtubers?
    We will dive into the types of Vtubers that exist and their management companies.
  • Benefits of Vtuber Collaborations 
    Explore all of the advantages of using Vtubers and examples of great campaigns!
  • How to collaborate with Vtubers:
    Learn how to use Wednesday to the fullest to make you Vtuber campaign a reality!
  • Collaboration Models:
     Vtubers are much more than live streamers; explore the versatility of different types of collaborations.
  • Limits and consideration:
    VTubers are tied to a very unique set of risks; you’ll learn what those are and how to avoid them.

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Vtuber guide: part 1

What Are Vtubers?

Vtubers are Characters.

Virtual YouTubers are a subset of online personalities and content creators that use a Virtual Avatar to express themself.

Just like other online creators, they do alot of different type of content, from music, to gaming with friends, to even… Neuroanatomy?

With the help of a rigged model and a phone, the software can track facial movements, predict eye positions, and match lips to speech in real time.

While the software-side setup may be easy, models can be extremely expensive. They can reach upwards of thousands of dollars due to the large number of moving parts and assets that need to be manually drawn.

Whether they are independent or are part of a VTuber talent agency, most models are paired with an origin storyline in mind, giving each their own unique niche, artistic style, and personality.

Think of it as a character in your favorite anime.

For example, Mori Colliope is a struggling professional grim reaper who found live-streaming an innovative way to reap soluls. However, she stayed for the wholesome community and her passion for making music.

Because of that, creators can toggle between various different looks for different occasions and events.

A change in appearance or outfit is very common when it comes to collaborations.

Whenever a creator announces their new model, they do so with a presentation stream, called a debut. These debuts are among the most hyped-up types of content made by VTubers and get significantly more engagement than normal livestreams.

For example, to celebrate the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie, SEGA created a special virtual avatar for Japanese virtual creator Inugami Korone.

Here's why characters matter

But what is special about them is that, most times, the speaker’s appearance and personal life are separated from the character itself!

NOTE: Despite having fictional backstories and characteristics, they are mostly a vessel for introductions to new audiences, called debuts, and creative guidelines for bigger collaborations and merchandise (toys, music, etc.).

In their day-to-day lives, they act and operate more closely than a normal live streamer, so interactions are not expected to be consistent with the character’s lore.

Vtubers are Ambassadors.

There are a lot of Vtubers. all over the world (primarily Japan and English-speaking countries) and across a lot of different genres and niches.

But the main element is that it is important to understand their type.

They are mainly in two varieties: you are either an Indie or an Agency Vtuber.


  • The creator is tasked with getting their own model, which can be quite expensive.
  • The talent has full decision-making power over everything, from creativity to partnerships.
  • Usually this is the stage of smaller creators trying to go big or wanting to avoid external management.


  • The agency pays for the start-up costs of the talent, including the model.
  • Agencies can provide dedicated teams and assist in content creation and collaboration opportunities.
  • Creators can debut directly as part of agencies with auditions or recuit an existing talent along with a major model rebranding.

NOTE: Since agencies do put emphasis on their talent acting like individual idols, they are keen on keeping exclusivity on their contracts.

This means that the talent inside the agency is not allowed to operate for other agencies at the same time. And side projects are not publicly announced to preserve authenticity.

There are Exceptions.

Natasha Nyanners debuted as an indie and, after operating under Vshojo since 2020, announced her departure, known as a graduation, from the company in 2023.

Despite this, she was allowed to keep her model when switching to her new role as an indie.

What are the main Vtuber Agencies?


  • Strong focus on character-driven content with highly developed personas.
  • Always open to finding new B2B partners for internal projects.
  • Highly structured branding, providing clear avenues for sponsorships and collaborations, especially with other media franchises.


  • Emphasis on fostering individual creativity and diverse content styles among talents.
  • Extensive presence across multiple platforms, and the strongest presence in China.
  • Flexibility in collaboration models, allowing their creators to get very specialized partners.


  • Notable for its emphasis on creator autonomy and community engagement.
  • Known for their experimental set of creators and niches (adult entertainment, for example),.
  • Focus on authenticity and genuineness, usually supporting the creator to make more personal connections.

Vtuber guide part 2

Benefits of Vtuber Collaborations

Vtubers are Passionate.

let’s just say that the fans of vtubers are… dedicated to say the least

There are three main advantages in implementing vtubers in your next digital marketing camaign:

  • The Vtuber community is known for its positive and friendly attitude, prioritizing positive discussion and collaborative promotions.
  • Since talents are similar to idols, their audiences are extremely open to interacting with advertisements, even if they may feel inauthentic.
  • Vtubers are experiencing incredible growth and press coverage. From both media and fan discussion boards such as Reddit.

Also, since vtubers are characters, the creators can have a much more unique spin on your products, opting for a much more creative storytelling or pormotion approach, even if they, most likely, cannot physically handle the product.

Agency or Indie?

While agencies are considered more safe for brands, there is a lot of potential for getting genuine loyalty from Indies..

An example is Dokibird, a gaming-focused vtuber that got the possibility to be sponsored by Respawn Entertainment, creators of Apex Legends, one of her favorite games of all time. Her official ad spot got extremely positive support and engagement.

Vtuber guide: part 3

How to Collaborate With Vtubers

As mentioned previously, there are a lot of vtubers and it is extra important to understand how to navigate this ocean of incredible and unique personalities.

On Wednesday, this task was made effortless thanks to our in-dept-search feature.

  • Wednesday offers an expansive database of a diverse range of creators ready to amplify your brand.
  • From simple keyword searches to precise geographical positioning, you can filter and find the perfect fit.
  • effortlessly contact your favorite creators with 1-on-1 email contact.

And once you have selected your favorite creators, you can keep an eye on them with our influencer relationship management feature. All within a single, streamlined platform. 

But what makes a Vtuber "good"?

Keep in mind that, while vtubers have a variety of audiences, the most popular ones target the following demographics:

  • Audience: Due to the emphasis on stronger personal relationships and a more youthful presence, a significant portion of the community is aged 14–25. However, a subset of more adult-focused content is also popular among some agencies, mainly Vshojo.
  • Introverts: due to being highly involved in animation and art, they attract creative but reserved individuals.
  • Geographical Hotspots: Japan leads the VTuber movement; the U.S., China, and Brazil are rapidly growing.
    Furthermore, Eu creators, especially in Germany, have a lot of popular creators, but their audience is comprised of mostly English-peakers.
  • Gender splits: 70% to 80% of the Vtuber audiences are male, but female audiences tend to be the most engaged and supportive.

With so many statistics, how do you filter out the best ones for your brand? Luckily, we have created an in-depth guide on every type of influencer statistic and how to navigate them.

Vtuber guide: part 4

Collaboration Models

The main appeal of using Vtubers as an advertising platform is their versatility!

At their core, Vtubers are characters, a vessel to show your products and services.

That way, you can get both personal and artistic use of their model and look, with a very personalized look.

Let’s explore some examples of creative social media collaborations with Vtubers.

Social media Brand Promotion

Kizuna_Ai x Valentino

In 2020, luxury giant Valentino tapped into this exciting new medium by having one of the pioneers of the genre, Kizuna AI, pose with a variety of their new purses.

Mascot Makeovers

Pacific Racing X Vspo

The Japanese racing team Pacific is known for its iconic blue and white colors. But with the help of the esports VTuber team Vspo, they gave their cars a major makeover.

Merchedising Partnerships

Youtooz x Mythic Talent Vynil figure collection

To give a spotlight to their newly opened VTuber subsidiary, talent agency Mythic Talent collaborated with collectables figures company Youtooz to create some limited-time statues based on the new hires.

Vtuber guide: part 5

Limits and consideration

Due to their very unique streaming capabilities and set-up, Vtubers face a number of limitations and risks that are very unique to their profession.

It is important to keep these in mind when looking at a potential Vtuber collaboration.

they live in a Virtual World

  • Most of the time, Vtubers cannot articulate or use footage from real life; therefore, on-site demonstrations of products are difficult.

Idol Business Model

  • Due to the Japanese celebrity-esque business model, an ad with basic storytelling may be considered unauthentic despite the engaged audience.

Regualr Checks

  • Both talents and agencies tend to get into some hot water every now and then. 
  • The r/virtualyoutubers reddit page is an excellent source for updates and news about Vtubers.

Unpredictable Availability

  • Sometimes, talent and agencies can announce out-of-the-blue changes and graduations that can tinker with some campaigns. 
  • Make sure you are up-to-date with all the news about these creators

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