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The Best Stats For Influencer marketing, which metrics make a "good" creator?

How do you choose the best creators for your influencer marketing campaign? Take a look at our in depth guide today!

Welcome to The Best Influencer stats Guide!

So, that’s it. You are on your way to discovering the millions of creators inside the Wednesday app. Fantastic!

You type the first word in, and you get flooded with a list of interesting and memorable faces and content.

However, not all creators are created equal, and it is important to know one thing:

  • What are the Best Influencer stats?
  • What makes an influencer good enough for your campaign?

In this guide, we will go over all the major analytics that a creator may send you or that are automatically available on Wednesday.

The Major Metrics

Let’s take a look at all the types of influencer stats a creator or marketer may ask for when searching around.

  • Follower Count: the total number of users that pressed the follower button on their platform of choice
  • Follower growth: the number of new followers gained in a specific time period
  • Engagement Rate: the percentage of followers that interact with the creator
  • Demographics: the spread of all the followers or viewers of a creator
  • Impressions: the number of people who had a certain video or post on their screen at one time.

All of them have a purpose, depending on the objectives of your campaign. However, if taken on their own, they do have advantages, but also challenges to consider.

We will explore examples of creators and how to properly analyze each statistic on Wednesday.

Find ambassadors with the best influencer stats on Wednesday!

The Best Influencer Stats

Follower count


  • Brand Awareness: Exposure to millions increases visibility.
  • Celebrity Endorsements: Higher costs, but potentially higher-quality, impactful ads.
  • Buzz Creation: Celebrities and major influencers often trigger viral sharing and media buzz.


  • Inactive Accounts: High follower counts may include inactive users.
  • Cost Considerations: Large followings increase influencer costs during negotiations.
  • Authenticity in Ads: Risks of perceived inauthenticity from large accounts.

Seeing a huge number beside a person’s name is at the surface a very inticing indeed, and back in the day it was considered the best influencet stat, easily!

And it’s not that difficult to see why; as a higher follower cunt can bring many benedits to your campaign:

  • If you want to increase brand awareness, showing it to millions of people is a great approach to do so.
  • Higher costs for larger celebrities may result in higher-quality and more spectacular advertisements.
  • Celebrities and large influencers frequently generate a lot of buzz and viral sharing when the press and their admirers report on it.

But it is not all rain and sunshine.

While on the surface, a higher number of followers may be extremely beneficial, there are some considerations that have to be known before making a proper marketing decision.

  • Usually, high follower counts have an inactive accounts inside. Make sure that the person is growing and not stagnating.
  • Big follower counts are expensive, and the creators are eager to leverage this fact in negotiations.
  • Usually, ads that come from big accounts can be considered inauthentic and manufactured if handled improperly. Make sure to have amazing storytelling behind your campaigns.

Thanks to’s in-depth search feature and analytics dashboard, you can quickly browse through millions of artists and determine how much of the community is made up of real, organic followers.

Here's Some Examples.

Let’s take a look at how you can find out if the creator with huge following is a good fit or not.


An account like this one, which has 1.7 million followers, may be extremely fancy and shiny on her page. However, her community count (the bars in gray) has not moved in the last 90 days.

and her other stats, like likes and comments, seem to be struggling. this is what we call Stagnating

The overseeing bar is the engagement rate, which is another topic for later in the guide.

mr beast stats on wedensday app

Other accounts like this one, even after having more than 256 million subscribers, still retain an uptick in followers despite the huge amount. 

However, consider the following:

Something important, however, is that bigger audiences tend to be a little deceiving when it comes to follower count.

While most social media places cap their number after a certain decimal, a 20K follower growth for a channel with a million followers will not be normally visible for someone with a million of them compared to someone with 900K.

What are the best influencer stats alternatives?

Still, if you want to make your product known rather than directly convert it into sales, going to large follower counts can be extremely beneficial due to the impressions you will collect. However, if you’re looking for a quick return on investment, I’d recommend looking into engagement rates.

Follower Growth


  • Follower Growth: Signals content relevance and creator readiness for new content.
  • Viral Impact: Daunting for newcomers; challenges in using leverage during partnerships.
  • Early Engagement: Enables genuine connections and taps into emerging communities.
  • Indicators of Career: A large number of new real followers suggests potential for capturing new fans for ongoing campaigns


  • Flash-in-the-pan: Indicates potential short-lived trends; quick action needed to capitalize.
  • Decieving Percentage: Can favor small accounts; high percentages might be misleading.
  • Long-Term Viability: Consider if ranked influencers will remain relevant in the future.
  • Authenticity of Followers: Verify if new followers are genuine or artificially generated.

First question: number or percentage?

The follower Gorwth is a crucial indicator for understanding the trajectory of a certain influencer.
However, this statistic is special in that it includes two distinct concepts.

Each has advantages and downsides that should be considered.


What makes follower growth crucial? Using this statistic for your upcoming influencer campaign or partnership has several advantages:

  • increased follower growth is indicative of hot and relevant content creators that receive a lot more attention and are ready for fresh content.
  • An surge in virality might be very daunting for newcomers, and they might not know how to make effective use of that number while negotiating partnerships.
  • By starting early, you can establish genuine connections with your audience and take advantage of the new communities that are springing up around the influencer.

How to calculate follower growth percentage.

At its core, to calculate the percentage change, you take the difference between the new and old number of followers, divide it by the old number, and multiply by 100:

[(new followers – old followers) / (old followers)] * 100

The good thing about this formula is that it is flexible, as you can choose whichever point in time you want to know: a week, a month, or even a year are all possible and valuable metrics, depending on the creators.

Paired with a good engagement rate, follower growth percentage is easily one of the best influencer stats for your next campaign.

However, consider the following:

Here are some facts to be considered when looking at follower growth in terms of percentage.

  • Rapid growth can also point to flash-in-the pan moments where it requires extreme speed to capitalize in the short run.
joon klein stats on wednesday

Ask yourself this question: Is this surge of new followers the result of one viral video, or are people genuinely interested and have discovered a new gem?

This example is Joost Klein, a controversial contestant at Eurovision 2024, an event that tends to be forgotten after a couple of weeks for most people.

  • Follower growth percentage favors the small account, as reaching a certain percentage requires a few new followers, and this can be deceiving sometimes, so be careful!
costco.cooks stats on wedensday

Quite the catch, huh? 

But if you look closely, the latest follower count is capped at only 40% compared to April, which is a nearly 200% increase in followers, but the number is only 20k.

Dont fret! A good increase in follower percentage is extremely good, but if you are looking to get as many faces seeing your ad, you have to consider the actual number of follower growth as a good metric.


While identical in concept to the % form of the statistic in spirit, employing concrete numbers can be extremely important when selecting the proper influencer.

  • Higher numbers equal more impressions, simple as that.
  • A larger number of genuine followers might be a good indicator of whether an existing large account is still growing and capable of attracting new members.
  • Reaccurating promotions may provide greater prospects for growth because the creator can attract a large number of new faces who are unfamiliar with or already aware of the product or service being promoted.

However, consider the following:

However, there are several intriguing elements to consider when looking at follower increase in terms of total number.

  • Consider the long term: how many people from this ranking will be around in the future?
  • It is critical to determine whether the quantity of new followers is authentic or if they are from a third party or a botted operation.
brian tong demographics

Thanks to’s in-depth search feature and analytics dashboard, you can quickly browse through millions of creators and determine how much of the community is made up of real, organic followers.

What are the best influencer stats alternatives?

The best way to determine if a growth in followers is worth capitalizing on is to know if the people that are joining are likely to be ready for the new content of their new favorite influencer. The best way to do so is to see their engagement rate

Also, it is important to know: who are the new people joining in? Are they in line with your optimal demographic?

Engagement rate


  • Passionate Communities: High engagement rates foster communities keen on the creator’s product opinions.
  • Safety in Numbers: High engagement ensures active participation, even with smaller creators.
  • Niches: Strong engagement rates indicate the potential of niche communities or locations.


  • Different methodologies: the way platforms calculate the metric may be different from one to the other.
  • Variable Engagement: Engagement can differ significantly across posts.
  • Big Account Challenge: bigger audiences also mean a smaller percentage of engaged users.

The proper standout in the social media analytics space is engagement; often, this element alone can make the creator profile stand out.

  • Higher engagement rates often lead to extremely passionate and popular communities that are sure to be interested in the opinions of the creator towards products. 
  • Engagement rates can be a great safety precaution when employing even smaller creators, as you can be assured that they will watch the campaign and interact with it.
  • High engagement rates can be a great indicator of whether niche communities or locations are worth exploring.
costco.chef on instagram, statstics on wednesday

After looking at this chart, a vegan cooking channel for busy professionals sounds pretty good to explore!

But the main point of contection is consistency.

If a channel can keep their engagement the same, it can justify the lack of growth, as if you are doing a one-time deal, these people will be a safety harbor for interactions. Basically, this is the sign of an engaged community.

atrioc stats on wednesday

Bonus Points if there is growth along with it.

What are the optimal engagement rates?

Each creator has different engagement rates, and it is important to know what highenegagement rate looks like, here’s our reccomendation:

  • [Very High] more than 10%: Amazing! this creator is extremely hot right now!
  • [High] Between  9.9% and 5.0%: the creator has a active and organic fan base
  • [Good] Between 4.9% and 2.0%: this range is dedicated to the creators in a safe zone, usually reserved for legacy acts that are not experiencing high growth
  • [Bad] Less than 2%: in our opinion, this is a low engagement rate, avoid them if you can
coney youtube stats on wedndesday

But remember, don’t be alarmed by the lower numbers.

An account with a 2% engagement rate is not bad for someone with 2 million followers [avg. 40000] , compared to a 5% engagement rate for someone a quarter the size [5000].

However, consider the following:

While interaction is critical, there are several exceptions that may make the percentage alone a valid source of information about a specific influencer.

  • Methodologies for engagement rates can be tricky at times; therefore, it’s best to employ dependable tools to handle all statistics under the same umbrella.
  • Engagement rates might vary dramatically between posts; not everything receives equal attention from fans.
  • On Wednesday, you can look up the engagement rate of individual posts on the top left corner of an influencer profile after selecting the preferred channel.
cooking video statistics on wedensday

In this example, most of the engagement rate of the channel is concentrated on the latest video. It seems she got a viral one!

What are the best influencer stats alternatives?

While a good engagement rate is considered by experts as the most reliable metric of performance by influencers, ask yourself these questions.

Are the people the influencer is attracting part of my desired demographic?



  • Certified Fit: if right, the response to your product is going to be extremely positive.
  • Good Starting point: You can get a great sense for the channel’s direction this way
  • Accurate: it is not 2004 anymore, percentages of kids faking their age are long gone.


  • Needs Testing: If you are a start-up, it is good practice to test the waters to see what fits best.
  • Growth challenges: the growth rate of the audience’s demographics is difficult to calculate consistently.
  • may not match engagement: it may not reflect the audience that priamrily does a specific action more often.*

*models, for example, tend to have quite the amount of female audiences, but most organic engagment comes from men.

The best way to see what the average fan of an influencer is is through demographics. On Wednesday, the demographic section is divided (in order) into cities, countries, age, and gender.

Depending on strategy, a combination of these four is key to your brand.

One major roadblock.

Unlike other metrics, the numbers attached to a certain elements, like gender splits or age groups, are surprisingly sensitive.

To make sure demograpics are among the best influencer stars, it is recommended to shoot for a very high percentage if your market is already well established.

Let's Have an Example

italian mom sprofile and statistics on wednesday + demographics

If you were, for example, an Italian Matress brand, It would be clear that a channel with a high female presence (25–34) and a huge local presence of Italian fans is key.

In extreme cases like these, a 75% or over metric is ideal.

NOTE: Include a mix of different categories. If you are looking specifically at 25-year-old-plus audiences, you would count all percentages passing this point, not just stop at the 25-34 range.


Now that we have taken a look at what the best influencer statistics are for your next marketing campaign, there is one important piece of knowledge that we hope will be clear.

Picking influencers is a game of combinations.

Best Influencer Stats

Follower Count:

  • Great source of impressions and brand awareness objectives.
  • Not ideal to predict future performance of posts and career.

Follower Growth:

  • A good way to see trajectory and healthyness of community
  • Not an indicator of overall authenticity or long-term performance.

Engagement Rate:

  • The most reliable way to determine the average performance of posts
  • reception can vary wildly across posts and time periods.


  • Accurate potrayal of the average target of the community
  • extremely sensitive numbers and difficult to find the absolute perfect fit.

Every statistic has its own pros and cons when crafting a strategy, and it is the marketer’s responsibility to create the ideal persona.

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