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Bulk Emailing 馃摠

Contact creators at scale in just a few minutes

Elevate your outreach with our mass emailing feature and benefit from enhanced and streamlined creator communications to save time and focus on what matters the most.

Reach out to over 2.5 millions of creators and navigate all communications in one place
With our templates, craft perfect messages every time, ensuring consistency and professionalism in a snap 馃搫
Track email openings, replies, with advanced insights, in real-time 馃攳

Powerful Integrations 馃

Benefit from native integrations to overperform

Supercharge your Wednesday experience with our native integrations. Enhance your workflow and communication, ensuring every interaction is optimized for success.

Write like a pro with ChatGPT and elevate your interactions by providing timely, smart, and context-aware responses. Integrate with Gmail and Outlook, combining the comfort of familiarity with our advanced features.

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Our free trial shows you what wednesday.app can do. When you need more horsepower, paid plans start at $79 per month. Customize it to your need, play with it, cancel anytime -no pressure.