What’s Wednesday? How does it work? How do you get started? Because sometimes you just need to understand what it means… We’re here to provide answers.

Getting Started

Wednesday is designed for everyone from solopreneurs and freelancers to marketing managers and small influencer marketing agency owners. If you’re seeking a software solution that streamlines influencer marketing, provides clear results, and prioritizes cost-effectiveness, Wednesday is for you.

Click here to sign up! Set up your account effortlessly: create your account with your email, validate your email, and you’re good to go!


You can use Wednesday for free. If you need more horsepower, unlock our Pro features for $1 for seven days. After that Pro trial, our plan is an affordable $79 a month, making us the most cost-effective influencer marketing tool available.

Absolutely! We offer a free version of Wednesday to help you  understand how it can revolutionize your influencer marketing efforts.

Absolutely, you’ve got the power to upgrade and downgrade as needed! Your billing cycle swings by once a month. Here’s the scoop on the different billing bits:

Subscription: Monthly, starting from your subscription date. When you switch up or down, we’ll tweak the billing timing accordingly – at the end of the cycle for downgrades and right away for upgrades.

Seats: You can add or subtract seats instantly. When you say goodbye to a seat, we’ll give you some credit based on the usage (prorated), and that credit gets deducted from your next invoice.

Community: You can scale up and down pronto, with no prorating involved.

Let’s see what we can do, reach out to us by email on support@wednesday.app


You can start with a single seat for just $29. Whenever you’re ready, you can easily add more seats directly from the billing page. Once the seats are added, inviting new users is a breeze from the account management page. Our platform is designed to accommodate your growth and evolving team needs.

Throughout your free trial, you’ll have one seat to kick things off. However, if you need to have more than one user, you can add more seats. Any extra seats will come at a charge of $29 at the trial’s end unless you choose to cancel before then.


Wednesday’s got the tools to power up your influencer game:

Creator Discovery: Uncover the perfect influencers hiding in the digital jungle.

Messaging: Connect and partner with any creator seamlessly, and receive communication directly to your mailbox.

IRM (Influencer Relationship Management): Manage and organize all your influencer collaborations with no stress.

COMING SOON – Google Chrome Plug-in: The magic wand for influencer discovery, right in your browser. Available early 2024.

Our platform includes a creator discovery feature that allows you to find influencers within our database of more than 3 million creators based on various criteria, including their audience demographics, engagement rates, and more.

Inviting influencers to join your campaign is as simple as sending them a message through our platform. You can personalize your invitation to align with your brand voice and campaign goals.

Our database includes influencers from a wide range of social networks, including Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Twitch, Pinterest, and WordPress.

Our database includes a diverse range of influencers across various niches, from fashion and beauty to tech and gaming among many other categories.


Yes, you can cancel your Wednesday account at any time. We believe in providing our users with complete flexibility.

Security & Compliance

Absolutely. We prioritize data security and adhere to strict data protection regulations to ensure your information is safe and secure.

Wednesday doesn’t oversee content for FTC compliance, but we strongly recommend including all essential details in your campaign briefs to ensure your content aligns with FTC guidelines. It’s your best bet for a seamless experience!

Your brand holds the reins in effectively communicating with the influencer. If the influencer doesn’t meet campaign requirements, having a direct communication bridge ensures smooth management of the situation.

Campaign Collaboration

Every creator has an email address listed on their profile. You can seamlessly reach out to influencers via Wednesday’s messaging feature, enabling efficient and scalable communication management. Direct contact made easy!

Definitely, with Wednesday you’ll find contract and agreement templates, along with helpful guides. Feel free to customize them to perfectly match your unique requirements and preferences.

Customer Support

We offer convenient chat support and in-app documentation and guides to help you navigate through Wednesday with ease, all the information and assistance you need right at your fingertips.

You have options when it comes to support! You can either chat with us directly on the platform or reach out via email at support@wednesday.app. We’re here to provide the assistance you need, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us using the method that suits you best.

Start using Wednesday for free 🌟

Embark freely with our Freemium model and witness Wednesday’s magic firsthand. When the stars align for growth, scale at your own rhythm for $79/month. Freedom to cancel anytime, no pressure, no hidden fees – just endless possibilities.