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We've Created a Eurovision 2024 Ranking Based on Social Media Performance, and the Results May Surprise You!

Discover the Top 5 Eurovision 2024 Stars Exploding on Instagram! See Who’s Dominating Social Media with Stunning Follower Growth and Engagement, Courtesy of’s Cutting-Edge Analytics!
Baby Lasagna from Croatia Performing

The Results are in! Sort of...

The final Eurovision 2024 ranking is here!

and as we settled down and recovered from the banger-filled competition, we got out of it with new memories and fun times.

With so many different countries competing with each other, there is something so captivating about all of the opportunities to get closer to niche and more local audiences.

So many artists have come out of the woods and made their electrifying performances on the stage in Malmö, Sweden

And as you get into the world of Eurovision, it is important to understand exactly what your brand needs to make your next campaign even better.

In this article, we will be going through all the different Eurovision 2024 ranking in terms of the social media performance metrics of these singers.

That way, you can find the perfect fit for your brand, all thanks to and the many features it holds.

Let’s explore how you can find this information too and how you can apply it to your industry!

How to Find The Right Metrics

With the Wednesday app, you can easily search for the best of the best influencers in our rich database and set up conversations with them to establish relationships and better grow your brand.

Whether you are looking for a broad campaign or a niche target, you can always find the right creator for you with just a few clicks.

For these rankings, you can find the growth rate of these amazing performers directly on our search page:

Quickly Find Instagram Statistics and Eurovision 2024 Rankings

  • In the search tab, type the name of the artist you are looking for (you can also use keywords and other variables if you are looking for someone who is not specific).
  • Once selected, you can view statistics like engagement rate, rankings, and demographics.
  • Like what you see? Why don’t you try to start a conversation with them?

Eurovision 2024 Ranking: Top 5 countries

Highest follower Growth (Percentage)

What makes follower growth crucial? Using this statistic for your upcoming influencer campaign or partnership has several advantages:

  • increased follower growth is indicative of hot and relevant content creators that receive a lot more attention and are ready for fresh content.
  • An surge in virality might be very daunting for newcomers, and they might not know how to make effective use of that number while negotiating partnerships.
  • By starting early, you can establish genuine connections with your audience and take advantage of the new communities that are springing up around the influencer.

Number 1: Bambie Thug (Ireland): +364%


Bambie Ray Robinson, an irish goth rock singer-songwriter. made a huge splash into the eurovision 2024 competition with the abrasive metal song “Doomsday Blue“.

While her song was ranked 6th overall, her unique looks and personality quickly translated into a massive amount of followers. Her instagram page grew more than 3 times in the span of 30 days!

Number 2: Nemo (switzerland): +325%

Naturally Nemo, the actual winner of the competition, made its way into the eurovision 2024 rankings here. After his performance of the song “The Code” he gained alot of new followers as well.

nemo, from switzerland
baby lasasgna, from croatia

Number 3: Baby Lasagna (Croatia): +207%

Baby Lagna‘s catchy song “Rim Tin Tagi Din“, which is about ghost villages in the Balcan area, is widely regarded as the truly deserving winner. But it nearly got into number 2.

It really stood out from the competition and helped them earn triple as many followers!

Number 4: Joost Klein (Netherlands): +146%

While his song “Europapapa” did not actually compete in the final showing, the controversies around Joost Klein behind the scenes got him alot of attention from outside sources looking into his situation.

joost klein, from the netherlands
kaleen from austria

Number 5: Kaleen (Austria): + 107%

Kaleen‘s eurobeat throwback, “We Will Rave” only came in at 24th place.

In spite of this, she doubled her following as she fulfilled a lifelong dream of playing at Eurovision, garnering the support of avid fans and prominent local figures.

Here are some facts to be considered when looking at follower growth in terms of percentage.

  • Rapid growth can also point to flash-in-the pan moments where it requires extreme speed to capitalize in the short run.
  • Follower growth percentage favors the small account, as reaching a certain percentage requires a few new followers, and this can be deceiving sometimes, so be careful!

Highest follower Growth (Number)

While identical in concept to the % form of the statistic in spirit, employing concrete numbers can be extremely important when selecting the proper influencer.

  • Higher numbers equal more impressions, simple as that.
  • A larger number of genuine followers might be a good indicator of whether an existing large account is still growing and capable of attracting new members.
  • Reaccurating promotions may provide greater prospects for growth because the creator can attract a large number of new faces who are unfamiliar with or already aware of the product or service being promoted.

Number 1: Joost Klein (Netherlands): +886K

joon klein

Following some controveries after his semi-final performance, Joost Klein received a lot of international press. That’s why he’s at the top of this eurovision 2024 ranking

Combining this with his already extensive social media marketing plan, which included collaborations with past eurivison fan favorites and even corporations such as Duolingo, he amassed a large number of followers on his main Instagram account.

Number 2: Nemo (switzerland): +240K

The competition’s winner returns to second position in our 2024 Eurovision ranking.

After obtaining so many 12 points from juries in multiple countries, it is logical to expect a large flood of followers from all over the world.

nemo, from switzerland

Number 3: Slimane (France): +214K

Slimane was already a very well-known balladier in his homeland France.

And with his passionate rendition of the song “Mon Amour,” he drew a large number of slow song enthusiasts, propelling his song to number 4.

Number 4: Baby Lasagna (Croatia): +184K

Constest Runner-up Baby Lasagna’s song and charisma generated an extremely compelled and active fanbase that advocates for the song true win. 

baby lasasgna, from croatia
bambie, from ireland

Number 5: Bambie Thug (Ireland): + 135K

Despite being the fastest-growing Eurovision contestant in terms of percentage, the Irish singer started the Eurovision 2024 event with only roughly 37 thousand followers, far behind the rest of the artists in the ranking.

But her 6th place will help out alot

However, there are several intriguing elements to consider when looking at follower increase in terms of total number.

  • Consider the long term: how many people from this ranking will be around in the future?
  • It is critical to determine whether the quantity of new followers is authentic or if they are from a third party or a botted operation.

Thanks to’s in-depth search feature and analytics dashboard, you can quickly browse through millions of artists and determine how much of the community is made up of real, organic followers.

Highest Engagement Rate (%)

The proper standout in the social media analytics space is engagement; often, this element alone can make the creator profile stand out.

  • Higher engagement rates often lead to extremely passionate and popular communities that are sure to be interested in the opinions of the creator towards products. 
  • Engagement rates can be a great safety precaution when employing even smaller creators, as you can be assured that they will watch the campaign and interact with it.
  • High engagement rates can be a great indicator of whether niche communities or locations are worth exploring.

Number 1: Kaleen (Austria): 25.60%

Austrian Singer Kaleen’s tale of growing up as a Eurovision fan and then becoming one of the finalists to represent her own nation was deeply moving. But her song only placed 24th!?

So emotional, in fact, that her recent writings have been flooded with positive feedback from fans and other public figures in Austrian music.

Number 2: Bably Lasagna (Croatia): 25.03%

Croatioan singer Baby Lasagna is just barely out of first place, both here and in the actual competition.

His overall hidden gem of a song prompted a lot of debate about what the fans considers the best song on the bracket.

Nevertheless, they are now devoted fans of the Croatian artist, hoping to give them the justice they deserve.

baby lasasgna, from croatia
tery dora, from serbia

Number 3: Teya Dora (Serbia): +22.26%

It was a difficult task to surpass the fan favorite song “In Corpore Sano” by the cryptic and artsy Konstrakta, who participated in 2022.

But the powerful “Ramonda” by Teya Dora, which placed 17th, still retains very strong support from her home country of Serbia.

Number 4: Silia Kapsis (Cyprus): 19.55%

Silyas Kapsis has all the potential to be an iconic European pop diva in the future, and her song “Liar” placed a respectable 15th place.

Her strategy is working, as she is already receiving a lot of attention from her new followers, who enjoy engaging with her content.

the performer from cyprus
marina satti, from greace

Number 5: Marina Satti (Greece): 19.13%

A similar strategy is being employed by greece pop star Marina Satti and her latin ispired song “ZARI” which got 11th place!

Unlike Silia, she already had a big fan base to start with of around 160K followers.

Still, she still ended up with more than 78% follower growth!

While interaction is critical, there are several exceptions that may make the percentage alone a valid source of information about a specific influencer.

  • Don’t be alarmed by the lower numbers; a 2% engagement rate for a 1 million+ account is far more effective than greater engagement rates on relatively small channels.
  • Methodologies for engagement rates can be tricky at times, therefore it’s best to employ dependable tools to handle all statistics under the same umbrella
  • Engagement rates might vary dramatically between posts; not everything receives equal attention from fans.

Most Number of Total Followers

Here’s why the total amount of followers is important not only for the Eurovision 2024 ranking, but also for your next influencer campaign.

  • If you want to increase brand awareness, showing it to millions of people is a great approach to do so.
  • Higher costs for larger celebrities may result in higher-quality and more spectacular advertisements.
  • Celebrities and large influencers frequently generate a lot of buzz and viral sharing when the press and their admirers report on it.

Number 1: Angelina Mango (Italy): 1.526M

angelina mango

Italy is often regarded as one of the highest-performing countries in Eurovision.

Angelina Mango, therefore, was already a very established celebrity before she even performed “La Noia” for the first time.

Even though she has only been active since 2020, her popularity is undeniable, with over 1.5 million followers. With a solid seventh rank, this trend is unlikely to disappear anytime soon.

Number 2: Joost Klein (Netherlands): 1.490M

Of course, after many controversies and social media post, Joost klein HAS to be on the list naturally.

joost klein, from the netherlands
marcus and maricus from sweden

Number 3: Marcus & Martinus (Sweden): 1.432M

Tasked with representing the hosting country for the Eurovision 2024 ranking, Marcus & Martinus got 9th place with “Unforgettable,”  a 90s boy band homage.

Being already very seasoned child stars and collaborating with figures like Canadian rapper bbno$, they are a household name in Sweden’s musical scene.

Number 4: Simane (France): 1.414M

4th placer Simane was an already extremely popular artist in France. Therefore, in just a short few years, he amassed over 1.4 million followers.

jerry heil, from ukraine

Number 5: Jerry Heil (Ukraine): 784K

Following the unexpected televote sweep, Jerry Heil and Alyona Alyona‘s collaboration “Teresa & Maria” rocketed to number three in an instant.

Fortunately, they were both well-known singers and activists for their country, so they were already experienced players.

While on the surface, a higher number of followers may be extremely beneficial, there are some considerations that have to be known before making a proper marketing decision.

  • Usually, high follower counts have an inactive accounts inside. Make sure that the person is growing and not stagnating.
  • Big follower counts are expensive, and the creators are eager to leverage this fact in negotiations.
  • Usually, ads that come from big accounts can be considered inauthentic and manufactured if handled improperly. Make sure to have amazing storytelling behind your campaigns.


The Eurovision 2024 ranking differs significantly from the real results, don’t they?

Let’s take a look at the final rankings for Instagram categories like follower growth, engagement rate, and more.

As you can see, there are still plenty of opportunities available without necessarily reaching the top of the podium.

Highest follower Growth (Percentage)

  1. BambieThug
    (IRE) [6th]
  2. Nemo
    (CHE) [1st]
  3. Baby Lasagna
    (CRO) [2nd]
  4. Joost Klein
    (NTH) [N/A]
  5. Kaleen
    (AUS) [24th]

Highest follower Growth (Number)

  1. Joost Klein
    (NTH) [N/A]
  2. Nemo
    (CHE) [1st]
  3. Slimane
    (FRA) [4th]
  4. Baby Lasagna
    (CRO) [2nd]
  5. BambieThug
    (IRE) [6th]

Highest Engagement Rate (percentage)

  1. Kaleen
    (AUS) [24th]
  2. Baby Lasagna
    (CRO) [2nd]
  3. Teya Dora
    (SER) [17th]
  4. Silia Kapsis
    (CYP) [15th]
  5. Marina Satti
    (GRE) [11th]

Number of Total Followers (Number)

  1. Angelina Mango
    (ITA) [7th]
  2. Joost Klein
    (NTH) [N/A]
  3. Marcus & Martinus
    (SWE) [9th]
  4. Slimane
    (FRA) [4th]
  5. Jerry Heil
    (UKR) [3rd]

This is a valuable lesson when finding the next creator for your own influencer.

In fact, when it comes to follower growth, the growth increase can be roughly attributed to the overall winners of the competition.

However, the engagement rate of the performers does not reflect that, as personality and rewards do not collide

And depending on your brand, vision, target, and messaging, it is important to take events like Eurovision and truly analyze them in depth to see all the opportunities that may arise.

And with the, all of this complicated workflow is made so much easier with just a few clicks.

Interested? Start today your new influencer marketing journey on Wednesday. app.

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