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Influencer Search 💡

Stop scrolling to find creators!

Find the best creators for your campaign with Wednesday, the most intuitive influencer marketing tool. Use advanced filters to pinpoint perfect matches for your campaigns and supercharge your results in no time.

Over 3 million creators 🧑‍💻 you can actually reach out to
On all major social platforms:
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For every industry, hashtag or keyword

Influencer Contact 💌

One-click hellos, no more hurdles

Effortlessly forge connections with creators through personalized 1-on-1 emails, enabled by a simple one-click contact directly from the search results.

Connect with influencers instantly, save valuable time ⏱️ and effort
Fast-track your influencer marketing campaigns 🏃‍♂️, speed up your creator outreach
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Influencer Relationship Management 📝

It's time to ditch the spreadsheet!

No more tracking creator reach, engagement and campaign results on your spreadsheets, optimize your creator campaign reporting with Wednesday. Enhance your team’s productivity with clear KPI tracking and collaborative features, fostering efficient teamwork and data-driven decision-making in your influencer marketing strategy.

Use our built-in CRM to manage your community 💪
Keep track 📝 of your partnerships & past campaigns
Take your IM to new heights and scale up!
manage influencers on wednesday

Why Choose Wednesday?

3M+ creators, across 7 social platforms

Discover data backed profile insights of 3M+ influencers on 7 social media platforms.

100% Customizable subscription

Customize your personal subscription package, hand-pick features that fit your needs.

Starting for Free

Wednesday offers a free version for you to test out the waters. Ready for more? Give our Pro  features a go for $1 only.

No strings

You decide when to scale up or down, and when your subscription ends.

2.8M+ creators, across 7 social platforms​

Discover data backed profile insights of 2.8M+ influencers on 7 social media platforms.

100% customizable subscription

Customize your personal subscription package, hand-pick features that fit your needs.

Start for Free

Wednesday offers a free version for you to test out the waters. Ready for more? Give our Pro  features a go for $1 only.

No strings attached

You decide when to scale up or down, and when your subscription ends.

Wednesday use cases

Wednesday is the go-to influencer marketing SaaS for small scale entrepreneurs and marketers. By simplifying influencer management, delivering clear and measurable results, and providing cost-effective solutions, Wednesday empowers users to overcome challenges, maximize ROI, and achieve their influencer marketing objectives.

Influencer Marketing Agency Founder

They need an affordable, scalable influencer marketing tool. Wednesday offers cost-effectiveness and helps them deliver outstanding client results without overstretching their budget.

Creative Brand Owner

They need time-saving influencer marketing solutions. Wednesday streamlines their discovery and outreach processes, enhancing their efficiency and campaign results.

Brand new Startup Entrepreneur

This solopreneur seeks a low-risk influencer marketing software. Wednesday offers them a free trial, providing a transparent path to amplify their personal business growth.

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Free resources 📖

Your complete guide to influencer marketing

Unlock the power of influencer marketing with Wednesday’s free resources. Gain insights, tips, and strategies to effectively harness the potential of influencers for your business success.


Get answers with Wednesday’s concise and helpful influencer marketing FAQs.


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FAQ - Influencer Marketing 101 🧑‍💻

Find influencers efficiently by using influencer marketing platforms and tools that automate the process, instead of relying on manual searches that can be tiresome and less effective. These software solutions analyze social media data to identify top influencers, saving you time and effort.

To find the best influencers for your brand, define your target audience and utilize influencer marketing software, rather than attempting manual searches that can be time-consuming and less accurate. These tools match your requirements with influencers’ followers, ensuring higher engagement and success rates.

Discover Instagram influencers by using specialized search tools and platforms designed for Instagram influencer marketing, instead of manual searches that can be laborious and less efficient. These tools analyze user profiles, engagement rates, and audience demographics to connect you with the most relevant influencers.

Find micro-influencers by narrowing your search criteria in influencer marketing software to include those with smaller, yet highly engaged, follower counts. The manual process can be exhausting and less effective, while automation helps you identify authentic connections between micro-influencers and their audience, leading to increased trust and engagement.

Locate YouTube influencers by using platforms and tools specifically designed for YouTube influencer marketing, rather than time-consuming manual searches. These tools analyze channel performance, audience demographics, and engagement rates, connecting you with the ideal YouTube influencers for your brand.

Uncover local influencers by filtering your search in influencer marketing software based on geographical location, instead of conducting manual searches that can be tedious and less precise. This method allows you to connect with influencers who have a strong presence in your target region and can effectively promote your brand to local audiences.

Start using Wednesday for free 🌟

Embark freely with our Freemium model and witness Wednesday’s magic firsthand. When the stars align for growth, scale at your own rhythm for $79/month. Freedom to cancel anytime, no pressure, no hidden fees – just endless possibilities.